Friday, 10 February 2012

Improving e-communications

I'm currently turning attention to how we can improve our contact with people within communities by using e communications - that's using new technologies like twitter, blogs, facebook, community messaging etc. We know that many people have no interest in this type of technology but we also recognise that many prefer to communicate in this type of way.

So, I'll spending less time on this personal blog and more effort into improving how all of our Neighbourhood Policing Teams across Cumbria make better use of digital technology to 'speak' with the public.

I know that some people think the police and other public bodies should not be involved in this type of thing. But as far as policing is concerned, we police with the consent of the public and to do that, we are duty bound to be open and proactive in how we communicate.

Digital technology presents a real opportunity to improve community engagement, complimenting conventional police work and thereby build confidence with the public.