Monday, 31 December 2012

New Chapter

Here's to the last day of 2012.....

It was a great year for Bradley Wiggins, a great year for the Olympics......but not the best for me....for a host of reasons that I won't go into here.

The upshot is that I am looking forward to 2013. Next month I begin the Strategic Command Course ( SCC ), mainly  at the Police Staff College, Bramshill. The course runs until late March, 2013 and has three modules which focus on Business, Executive and Professional Skills. There is a brief stint also at the Scottish Police College. There will be around 40 other people on the course, mainly from UK police forces but also from France, British Virgin Islands ( to be my best friend! ), Gibralter and Jersey. We had a brief introduction prior to Christmas and my first impression was of a great bunch of people with a real variety of policing backgrounds. So, I am really looking forward to the SCC.

I thought it might be worthwhile using the blog to raise some of the topical policing issues that arise along the way.

I have tried to say in previous posts, that in my view, technology and e communications have a big part to play in the future of policing whether that is through twitter, blogs, web chats or apps for mobiles etc.

I am not a 'technology' type of person but I do believe a great deal in openness and transparency in policing. In my opinion, technology like the use of this blog, is a means of promoting those values.

Thanks for looking at the blog and I hope your 2013 is better than my 2012!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Improving e-communications

I'm currently turning attention to how we can improve our contact with people within communities by using e communications - that's using new technologies like twitter, blogs, facebook, community messaging etc. We know that many people have no interest in this type of technology but we also recognise that many prefer to communicate in this type of way.

So, I'll spending less time on this personal blog and more effort into improving how all of our Neighbourhood Policing Teams across Cumbria make better use of digital technology to 'speak' with the public.

I know that some people think the police and other public bodies should not be involved in this type of thing. But as far as policing is concerned, we police with the consent of the public and to do that, we are duty bound to be open and proactive in how we communicate.

Digital technology presents a real opportunity to improve community engagement, complimenting conventional police work and thereby build confidence with the public.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I've just entered the Keswick to Barrow run. I was hand picked for the team from South Cumbria Police - honestly! I'm either brave or bonkers - probably the latter...

It's worth having a look - people tell me it's a fantastic event.

Good Police work in Barrow

Some details of really good police work in Barrow can be found on this link:

Thursday, 5 January 2012

What's all this about.....?

Just another reminder about the purpose of this blog. It's all about being transparent and another opportunity to speak to people about policing. If you have a view about policing or want to respond to any of my views, please feel free to post a comment. Also, if you are a serving police officer or member of police staff and you want to comment, please do so.

Using this type of media does not replace anything done previously. It's free and takes very little time.

Best regards.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Policing South Cumbria 2012

Why should people care about policing in 2012? There is a great deal of genuine concern from people about how our society is changing. For example, unemployment is increasing and I know through contact with my own friends and family that there are many youngsters out there facing unemployment. There are also many facing financial problems through redundancies, pay freezes, inflation etc.
Policing is important because a safe community is the bedrock to building a genuine quality of life. Without law and order, communities fragment, people become isolated and do not prosper. People who have been a victim of crime know how devastating a crime can be. So, policing is more important now than any other time in my view.
I genuinely wish out local politicians well, both MPs and local councillors, in working towards an improved South Cumbria and they have my full support. We need to work together and with other agencies to improve employment opportunities, housing and health. It's my responsibility to lead a local policing service that works with those partners and drives down crime, allowing people to feel safe.
South Cumbria is now safer than ever before as we have seen crime fall year on year. More recently, across South Cumbria there have been over 300 less crimes and 2000 less reports of anti social behaviour compared to last year. There will be no complacency on our part in maintaining those trends.
As I have said many times previously, the strength of our local police service is that we have many officers and staff who work hard and are fiercely proud of serving within Cumbria and for that reason alone, in 2012 we will succeed.